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Learn how you can join a team and shape Palate


Explore the following teams and find where you belong!


Description: All members of Palate are automatically part of our Discovery Team! Join us on our adventures as we cherish food and fellowship and explore different restaurants around the Bay Area.

Responsibilities: Your only responsibility as a Discovery team member is to engage and enjoy all that Palate has to offer!

Preferred Qualifications: A love for food and an adventurous spirit.

If you would like to be a more involved member, please consider joining the Composition and/or Excursion Team!


Description: The Excursion Team plans and facilitates experience tours. By bringing guests around and introducing them to new experiences, we hope to share some of our passion and love for dining and connection with the greater community.

Responsibilities: Members of our Excursion Team create agendas and lead guests on guided tours of places we have held events at. This includes making reservations at venues, writing up an itinerary, and interacting with different people.

Preferred Qualifications: We appreciate one or more of the following skills – trip planning, people management, an interest in learning more about a certain area or restaurant, and adaptability.

If you're the kind of person who loves to plan out fun trips with your friends, meet new friends, and lead and direct people, consider joining our Excursion Team!


Description: The Composition Team digests and reviews our events in our Palate Guide. By curating a collection of our dining experiences, we hope to inform others of the best places for food and fellowship around our neighborhood.

Responsibilities: Members of our Composition Team work together to compile our experiences into a centralized blog. This includes designing the layout of the guide, taking photos at events, and writing reviews

Preferred Qualifications: We appreciate one or more of the following skills – writing, editing, design, photography.

If you're the type of person who loves writing Yelp reviews, watching food critic TV shows, and/or taking photos of your meals, consider joining our Composition Team!

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