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Eta Event, A Night in Italy

Oct 8, 2023

Bella Trattoria, San Fransisco

Pasta - the first thing you probably thought of, was Italy. Well you didn’t think wrong! Craving a taste of the south of Italy now? Palate has found the perfect place to satisfy your cravings: Bella Trattoria. 

Found in San Francisco, Bella Trattoria offers the best dishes from Southern Italy. This modern Italian trattoria serves some of the best homemade pasta, among other Italian classics. Have a taste of the infamous cocina toscana through the delicious menu options offered at Bella Trattoria: gnocchi de spinaci con gorgonzola, it's not carbonara, ital-americano, and so many more other delicious options to try. And don’t forget to pair your dish with a good wine, beer, or cocktail from the bar because what better than the perfect pairing with a perfect dish?

We know you're ready to enjoy some southern Italian cuisine, so join us for dinner with good food and better company at Bella Trattoria. RSVP now!

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