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Epsilon Event

Feb 26, 2023

Havana, Walnut Creek

Epsilon event- Havana

When was the last time you took a vacation; like flew to a new country with sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and vacation food? Well Palate’s found the next best experience at Havana with all the delicious drinks you can have and the best Cuban inspired cuisine you can find at non-vacation prices! In this economy??? We’ve got to enjoy the absolute best on a budget! And this time, our budget vacation is taking us to Walnut Creek.

Havana boasts a diverse collection of bottomless mojitos and creates classy yet comforting Cuban inspired dishes that are beautifully plated. Enjoy Havana’s signature bread and sandwiches, because who doesn’t love bread, and figure out what exactly makes Havana so extraordinary that 2000 plus people are raving about it online! Everyone’s talking about Havana’s excellent ambiance and fantastic wait staff so absolutely do not miss out on joining Palate at Havana.

We experienced Micheline guide cuisine at Dumpling Home at our last event and we are excited to take you to a local heavy hitter and fan favorite for our Epsilon Event! Come enjoy an experience that sends you to the heart of Cuba for a budget vacation under $45 this Saturday at 4:30pm!

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