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Beta Event

Sep 24, 2022

Little Delhi, San Francisco

Little Delhi, known best for its appetizing chaats and tikkis as well as its classic kebabs, presents a delightful experience of India’s capital city. A step into Little Dehli puts you directly into a high profile restaurant in India. This authentic dining experience brings flavors from the bygone Mughal Empire, Bengal, and the heart of India all the way to the Bay Area. You really can’t put all three together quite like this anywhere else!

We are super excited to bring you with us on a round trip to India via Little Delhi’s exquisite cuisine and can’t wait to build this new community of friends and connoisseurs with you! We’ve been craving some high quality Indian cuisine so spice up your dinner menu at Palate’s Beta Event this Saturday, September 24th! The fantastic company is a great bonus.

We enjoyed your company at our Apha Event at Cesar with a luxurious ambiance and mouth watering Spanish cuisine. We hope to see you join our table at Little Delhi!

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