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About Palate


We hold weekly meetings at TBD INFO HERE.

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We also hold special events throughout the semester, check them out here!

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General Membership

General membership is open to all registered students, faculty, and staff at UC Berkeley!

Learn more about how Palate is structured below.

Membership Tiers

Membership tiers help us at Palate keep track of our members.


Higher tiered members are alloted a greater voting power for officer elections and

only tier 1 members are eligible to run for officer positions.

Regardless of tier, all members of Palate are

welcome and encouraged to attend all of our events and meetings!

Tier 1: Activated

All members who are present in >90% of Palate's general meetings are automatically in the Activated membership tier

Tier 2: Active

All members who are present in >70% of Palate's general meetings are automatically in the Active membership tier

Tier 3: Average

All members who do not fall under Activated or Active tiers are automatically in the Average membership tier

We invite you to become a part of Palate!

Board Officers

Looking for an opportunity to develop your leadership and organizational skills and work alongside a team of passionate and motivated officers?

Be a part of something greater and consider joining our board of officers!


Learn more about how Palate's leadership below.

Palate's Leadership

All officers must be an Activated tier member in good standing

and a Grade Point Average of 3.00 or greater.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

primarily ensures the success of the entity by representing and acting on behalf of its members

Chief Communication  Officer (CCO)

primarily oversees communications within and outside of the entity

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

primarily oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the entity

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

primarily manages internal and external finances of the entity

Palate's Constitution

For more information on what it means to be a part of Palate, refer to Palate's Constitution by clicking the button below!

We invite you to join our leadership at Palate!

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